At Mac Repair Service UK, we offer full repair and servicing of any iMac. Our Professional team is ready to assist you and help you with any problem related to your iMac. We stock hard drives, solid state drives, RAM, and other parts and accessories to repair your iMac today!

Our certified IT technicians can diagnose any issue and repair your device in the shortest time possible, making us the best and most cost effective alternative to authorised Apple Service Centres.    


Some of the most common iMac repair services we offer are: 


  • OS Reinstallation
  • Screen Repair / Replacement
  • Hard Drives (HDD) Upgrades
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) Upgrades
  • Multi-Drive Combos (HDD + SSD)
  • Graphic Card Faulty
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Memory upgrade


We can repair all iMac models such as:

MB950xx/A, MC413xx/A, MB952xx/A, MB953xx/A, MC508xx/A, MC509xx/A, MC510xx/A, MC511xx/A, MC309xx/A, MC812xx/A, MC813xx/A, MC814xx/A, MD093XX/A, MD094XX/A, MD095XX/A, MD096XX/A, MD699XX/A, ME086XX/A, ME087XX/A, ME088XX/A, ME089XX/A, MF883XX/A, MG022XX/A, MK142XX/A, MK442XX/A etc... Or newer.


Bring your iMac to our workshop in central London or book a free collection now!