At Mac-Repair-Service-UK we are experts in repairing and servicing your MacBook Air. We have a professional team ready to assist you with any problem your MacBook Air may have. Do you need your screen replaced? Does your battery keep dying? Did your machine suffer a spillage, or may be a broken keyboard? No matter what issue you have, we have the resources to fix your Apple MacBook Air in record time.


Some of the most common MacBook Air repair services we offer are: 

OS Reinstallation

Retina Screen Repair / Replacement

Logic Board Damaged

Graphic Card Faulty

Keyboard Replacement

Wi-Fi Card no signal

Battery Repair / Replacement

Data Recovery Service



We can repair all MacBook Pro version, MacBookAir1,1, MacBookAir2,1, MacBookAir3,1 (11"), MacBookAir3,2 (13"), MacBookAir4,1 (11"), MacBookAir4,2 (13"), MacBookAir5,1 (11"), MacBookAir5,2 (13"), MacBookAir6,1 (11"), MacBookAir6,2 (13"), MacBookAir7,1 (11"), MacBookAir7,2 (13")

So when you need to repair your MacBook Air screen or any other component, come to Mac-Repair-Service-UK